Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tunnels & Trolls - What's in My Bag?

My package arrived from FlyingBuffalo yesterday.  I was a little disappointed at the size, as I had the mental image of 5 books and the 2007 Free RPG Day adventure taking up far more shipping space then they actually did.  I was fine after I popped the sucker open tho: 4 Corgi double adventure books and the City of Terror (and the above mentioned 2007 Free RPG day adventure).

I think I'll be working on getting a complete set of T&T adventures, theres is something fun about rolling dice and progressing your chartacter, even if it is solo.  The included abreviated rules include spell lists thru 9th level, so you really could play these without even referring to the T&T rulebook.  I'll be surfing the net looking for a write-up that details all the changes between editions, although it appears everything is backwards compatible for the most part.

As a side note, the Corgi books were printed back in 1986, so they are classics already ;)

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  1. I hate to tell you, Tenkar, but getting a complete set of the T & T adventures might be a bit of a challenge. By my count there are well over 50 published T & T solos and GM dungeons.
    --Ken St. Andre

  2. @atroll - that's fine. It's a collection I have a chance to complete, and can use the vast majority of it without even having a local group. Win Win ;)


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