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Friday, May 23, 2014

Bundle of Holding goes Dead - Deadlands Classic That Is!

Damn! I think I own most of this in print, but I'd have to go to storage to be sure of the holes in my collection.

I suspect much of this would translate over to Savage Worlds pretty easily, as much of this is "fluff", but awesome fluff it is ;)

Probably the most enjoyable reads of any RPG books I've never actually played, Deadlands certainly appeals to me as a History major and history buff. Damn tempting Bundle of Holding...


  1. Yes, love Deadlands, but have only had limited chances to play. The Bundle of Holding has been on a roll of late.

  2. This IP is scheduled to become a tv series at some point.

    I think it will be one of the launch titles for the Xbox Stream channel.

  3. ...must....resist....damn you, Erik Tenkar!

  4. I own all the Deadlands: Reloaded stuff and held out on the Classic stuff. Unlike the Delta Green bundle this is a major haul for me - not owning a single book out of it. :)


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