Thursday, May 22, 2014

Looking for More Whisper & Venom? Bird of a Feather is up for Preorders (Includes a nifty mini)

If +Zach Glazar understands just one thing, it's what old school gamers want to hold in their hands. Well, I suspect Zach understands a lot more than just one thing, as he consistently hits the post with his releases.

I have no doubt that Bird of a Feather will be up to his usual high quality (and highly useable) standards.

Now, the idea that the limited edition release in the old school style is awesome in my mind. What I want to know is how the fuck Zack is putting a mini of the following between the covers:

Yep, it looks like an upper class axebeak ;)

From what Zack tells me, he's putting in the order for the limited release this Saturday, which will account for what he expects to sell at NTRPG Con and some preorders via his site. So if you are interested, now is probably the time to order. Well, unless you read this post far down the timeline from when it was posted, in which case you may just have to settle on the regular release.

Here's the quick blurb:
Pre-Order your copy of Lesser Gnome’s NTRPG Con Release of Bird of a Feather
Comes with Rhacos figurine custom sculpted just for this release! 
Designed for levels 3-4 and suitable for any classic style Fantasy RPG System. 
Available for Pick-Up at the North Texas RPG Convention for hand delivery 
Ships to Pre-Order Customers on June 12h, 2014.  This version, printed in the old-school style, is a very limited printing. A general release is expected to be ready in August 2014.
Not having met Zach, I hope this isnt a portrait ;)

This may very well be my next desktop wallpaper
Wait a sec! Is that a dwarf he's munchin' on!


  1. Count me in for this. Whisper & Venom was A+ work.

  2. "Looking for More Whisper & Venom?"
    I've been looking in the mail for a Whisper & Venom poster map ever since I won it on someone's blog last December.
    I guess I'll keep waiting.

  3. Umm no - its a horse - Maybe its a dwarf horse?

  4. Looks like something Necron99 would ride...


  5. I just put in my pre-order, but be careful... sometimes the check out page gets buggy. If you refresh your browser it should be ok though.

    Can't wait to paint that cool bird mini!


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