Thursday, May 22, 2014

Free Clone of "The Fantasy Trip" RPG - You Know You are Curious

The Fantasy Trip is one of the few older RPGs that are just cost prohibitive to purchase on eBay (at least for my mind), but it has been cloned. Dark City Games has cloned it three times actually.

Legends for fantasy gaming, Time & Space for sci-fi and Untamed West for a western version. Yes, a western version.

Dark City Games also sells solo adventures for the rules. They also offer four of those adventures for free in PDF - two fantasy and two sci-fi (sorry, no westerns at the moment it seems).

I've downloaded the rules and they seem simple enough. As I don't have the originals, I can say how close they keep to the originals, but the price certainly is right.

I've also purchased a few of the adventures in print. They include a map and character and monster tokens to print out.

You can grab it all at the Dark City Games website.

There is another clone of The Fantasy Trip available at Heroes & Other Worlds


  1. Damn I hate the typeface Papyrus.

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  3. Legends is very basic and definetly doesn't cover all the material in the same manner as the original rules they emulate but is very similar and does get the job done.

  4. I prefer Heroes & Other Worlds myself, as it's a more complete game with (mostly) intelligent changes to the system. Of course it's not free, so the Dark City offerings may be a better choice for many.

    1. which is why I included a link to HOW too.

      one could always check the basics of the system for free, and then expand their options if they so wanted.

  5. Thanks. I think Dark City games was mentioned on another blog the other day and I've been totally into Legends on the Ancient World ever since. Looking to try their sci-fi version too.

  6. I think I may have a copy of The Fantasy Trip in a box in the basement. It's worth something other than as a curiosity from my misspent youth?

    1. Check out the prices on Amazon -- they usually represent a pretty good guess as to what the fair-market value is. You might do better or worse selling on E-bay and you would definitely do worse selling to someone like Noble Knight Games, but I suspect you'll be surprised at how much you can get for them if they're in reasonably good condition....

  7. Finally a "clone" I might want.

  8. There's a comparison table:



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