Thursday, May 22, 2014

D&D Next Starter Set Box Just $12.66 on Amazon

Good, bad or indifferent, at $12.66 you owe it to yourself to check out the latest version of the Dungeons & Dragons game Starter Set when it releases. It includes dice ;)


  1. While that is good and all. I would rather pay the 19.95 and get it at my Favorite Local Game Store.

    I have no issues with Amazon, I am a prime member and regularly drink the kool-aid (which was actually Flavor-aid), but the extra 7 bucks is an investment in keeping my game store open.

    So please buy these at your local game store or comic shop. Keep these guys open.

    1. I would heartily agree. Always support your FLGS whenever possible. Free downloads and all are great, but not having a local game store is something I miss badly.

    2. My local game store does not even bother carrying any RPG stock.

      And they are not planning on starting with 5th ed.

      Which kind of sucks really.

    3. Sounds great if you're rolling in money.

  2. The PH is $29.97 - that's nearly half off. I pre-ordered mine for Amazon.

  3. The lastest WOTC news has 15% of the PHB in a free pdf as a step between the Starter & the full PHB.

  4. I don't have an FLGS, so this is good news to me. I was going to pre-order the box, then changed my mind once I heard it didn't have the character creation rules. But, at that price I can burn a $50 gift card I've had since Christmas and get the box and PHB.

  5. That pushed me over the edge into a pre-order.

    I just hope I don't feel burned like I did when I went with $12 Starter Traveller over a bank-breaking $20 Deluxe Traveller back when I was a kid.

    Although for $13, I can buy it, check it out, and pass it on to a budding RPG gamer without breaking the bank. :)

  6. It's just gone up on Amazon UK for £15.22 (that's $25.60) with an alleged retail price of £20.39 (that's $34.25!!!). As that makes it significantly cheaper to buy from Amazon US and pay the international shipping ($20.65 including international delivery) that is most certainly the way to go!


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