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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Whisper & Venom Free Preview Available as Full Digital Version Goes on Sale

I love my boxed set of Whisper & Venom. It perpetually stays next to my side of the sofa in the TV room, for constant reading during commercials and shows that the wife loves and my desire is a few notches less. It is, quite simply, enjoyable.

+Zach Glazar has now released Whisper & Venom in digital format, hyperlinked for your enjoyment and without those ugly watermarks one finds in most other digital releases of RPG products. Zach has also put together a free PDF preview of Whisper & Venom, to give prospective buyers a free usable peek. Yep, there is enough included to run a short game session with your OSR gaming group - or longer if your party tends to go off on tangents like mine does ;)

So, grab the free preview. It is, after all, free. If you like it, the full digital package is $12.99, and it includes a form fillable character sheet (made for LL, but usable for any OSR game system with little work).

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