Friday, March 21, 2014

Time is the One Thing Man Can Never Conquer

Time - there is never enough of it. Unless you are dreading some upcoming event, in which case it passes by way too fast. Or are a child awaiting Christmas, when it goes too slowly before skipping by on the 25th in a heartbeat.

I've learned some important things about time with the OSR Superstar Competition - there is never enough time to leave the entry period open and there certainly wasn't enough time to get 330+ entries judged in a timely fashion.

The top 16 entrants will be announced this weekend.

The top 16 entrants will be posted to The Tavern this weekend.

All entries will be posted in the coming days (and weeks)

Round 2 of the OSR Superstar Contest will kick off sometime next week.

We now return you to normal posting at The Tavern...


  1. Tenkar, I have noticed that the check I sent you hasn't been cashed... are you sure you're done judging?

  2. The wait hasn't been that bad. Hey, better late than never, right? Everyone's efforts are appreciated, and the best of Cthulhoid luck to all!

  3. Like Venger said. And hey, it turned out to be a much bigger project than anticipated, so I'm sure nobody's griping about the time it takes.

  4. Well, as a VERY disappointed reader I demand a full refund on what I have been paying that Tenkar guy! Oh...well I guess I am not due any refund but he can still send me money :) I would not let this stress you out.

    Strangely I see $331 is a fairly low amount of money but I see organizing 331 of anything as requiring a huge effort...perhaps you should consider a contest fulfillment service...Then you could spend your time waxing your blog financed Maserati while others toil :)

    Seriously though I cant imagine anyone feeling angry or annoyed about this and if they were I really can't imagine why you should care....z

  5. Venger - I'm not sure that you haven't cursed us by wishing us Cthulhoid luck. Seems pretty rude really - aren't there any standards on these forums for proper behavior?! I do agree with him, though, that the wait has gone on just fine. I'm actually more excited to see everybody's entries than to know who managed to pay enough to get into the Sweet 16. I know I sent a big check too....


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