Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Craigslist Old School Score - Part 2 of the Unboxing - Rogues, DMs and More

Continuing the unboxing, part 1 of which is here. This may take four posts - definitely three.

Worn to shit - this was loved and read to pieces - literally.
This, A1 and S3 were pointed out by the seller to me because of the memories attached.
They have found a good home.

I never knew this even existed.
Pristine and never used.

Much better condition than my original copy, which I used multiple times

I've heard a lot about Marvelous Magic but never owned it.
G1-3 is a gawd damn classic!

and the maps are in pristine condition.
sadly, just one set ;)

of the "A" series, i only owned A1 (first module bought evar!)

Two copies of the Moldvay  rulebook- can't go wrong with that

both totally new to me

somewhere I have a previous copy of Fate of Istus
The Falcon stuff? nope

I'm not sure if I had this previously

Dragonlance - at least the seller knew where to stop while younger ;)


  1. I just bought my second copy of Moldvay Expert online and it arrived today. The box is in great condition, the dice are heavily worn! Always good to have a couple of copies of the rules for group play. Rogues Gallery is one of my favourite resource documents. Hey, can you scan the DM's Adventure Log for me? Lankhmar, ah, that's the gold right there!

  2. Man, you made out like a bandit. Or is it brigand?

    That DM's Log. Best Gnoll ever!

  3. I was serious about scanning the DM's Adventure Log by the way.


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