Thursday, March 20, 2014

The "B-Team" Will be Taking on The Castle of the Mad Arch Mage

Trying the get the "one Friday a month B-Team" to finish adventures in a single session is far from the easiest thing to do. Not because they aren't willing and able, but most adventures just seem to take more than a single session to complete, which really isn't conductive to "drop in / drop out" play.

So, I gave it some thought after today's morning post and decided a megadungeon would be the way to go. I also left the choice to the regular "B-Team" members. I gave them a list to vote on that included the following options:

Temple of Elemental Evil


Castle of the Mad Archmage

(Barrowmaze was not on the list, as there are already groups on G+ playing such, and if my group is going to do session write ups, we may as well use a different megadungeon)

Castle of the Mad Archmage won hands down in some of the quickest voting I can ever recall seeing. It doesn't hurt that it's a relatively new product that hasn't been read, run and played to death ;)

We'll be using this in conjunction with the classic Thieves' World Boxed Set - so, urban sandbox when the players desire and megadungeon to kill shit when killing is their business ;)


  1. I'd had loved to explore Stonehell for the first time, but I read it cover to cover twice, so it just wouldn't work.

    ToEE I ran to death back in the day, and re-read it more recently. I just couldn't pretend I didn't know what those scary doors are for.

    Mad Archmage has been on my "to read" list for a while but it didn't make it to the top of the pile . . . so I'm really excited to get to it!

  2. Cool. I like the idea of a monthly B-Team RPG group. Might have to start one up myself... maybe in the fall. Hopefully, CotMA is awesome! Did you get the PDF of all 3 books? Why did they do it as 3, anyway?

    Let us know the highs and lows, Tenkar.

  3. I have print coming and PDFs in hand.

    I believe you can't bundle POD, and you really do want the maps and player visuals separate. Since you can't bundle the POD, you can't bundle the PDFs.

    I am not sure if you could put a single PDF together of all three, but as you get PDFs with the POD that might confuse the shit outa things.


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