Monday, March 17, 2014

I Think I Know What I'm Going to do With My Mini Level of the Splintered Realms Megadungeon...

I've got my idea, and I need to thank my sister for this.

She has a book coming out in May - her first novel The Hollow Ground. It's set in Pennsylvania's coal mining region in the 60's, and she did a nice amount of research on the local mines and the fires that are burning until even today. I convinced her to forward me her research.

Yep, there will be mines involved, and all the associated dangers of mining and tunnels and the like.

I'll be digging into the books and articles and I'll hash out some game rules and such that will be posted here on the blog


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  2. Hmmm. I will start thinking about a map for said mining... sounds pretty sweet. I wonder who is mining... and what they are mining for...

  3. That should be very cool. I've always been fascinated by the coal mines around my area. It should be a great backdrop for adventures. Worked for Silent Hill.


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