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Sunday, March 2, 2014

PDF Copies of DAGGER, the RPG for Kids Should be in the Hands of All of the Entrants

PDF Copies of DAGGER, the RPG for Kids should be in the hands of all of the entrants of the OSR Superstar Contest. If you entered and it isn't sitting in your email, let me know.

If you get a chance to use the rules, let me know that too ;)


  1. Actually, I'm afraid I didn't get mine. I've sent you a message about this to your Google (or Google+? Whichever...) account a few days ago. If you didn't get that, either, I can contact you about the particulars however else you wish.

    1. send me an email at osrDOTsuperstar at that gmail thing and we will sort it out

    2. I've just sent one from kalman@***somethingsomethingsomething***DOThu.


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