Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gygax's Last RPG - Lejendary Adventures

Lejendary Adventures is the game I always wanted to play. I ordered the signed books when they originally came out, and never read them straight through, as I no longer seemed to be fluent in High Gygaxian. Didn't stop me from gathering another set of the books (unsigned) although all are currently in storage.

At some point, I realized that Troll lord Games had published a sized down and edited version of the rules in a boxed set, and I picked it up. Well, I picked it up three times apparently. One box is a full set with dice, one set has no dice, and one set only has one booklet in it, so the rest of it must be boxed away somewhere. I may need to take my son up on his offer and have him catalogue my gaming collection. Even the shake down he'll attempt will save me money in the long run.

At least the two extra boxes will be finding homes in my gaming group. Who knows, we may actually play it at some point ;)


  1. It would be a great thing if the Gygax estate allowed these sorts of things to go back into print. I'd buy a bunch of Gary's stuff that I missed first time around, and if there were upgrades (like a full selection of hardcover annotated versions of his Gord the Rogue books), I'd get a set pretty much regardless of price.

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  3. It's one of my often-thought-about projects never put into motion, running Hall of Many Panes using Lejendary Adventures. I think that'd be quite fun.

  4. Though Gary would never, ever have admitted it, LA is essentially a wonderful distillation of Dangerous Journeys: Mythus. It is everything cool about Mythus without all the complications (well, except for all the re-naming of common things in an RPG). Imagine if Gary had designed Runequest... that's basically what LA is...

    1. Sounds bizarre, but intriguing.

  5. the race colour table turned off everyone in my club but i was sorry for how he was treated over this product

  6. I remember that. I still own the rules in Word document.

  7. I have the original book, GM screen and beast book. Didn't know there was a boxset like that. Cool. Never played the game. No one really has books for, and when I bring it up, everyone is like.. "EH"

  8. It took me some time to get my head around but when I did, my brain switched from seeing the world in OAD&D eyes to Legendary Adventure eyes. The concept is difficult however the rules are light and able to so easily generate diverse characters and adventures without extra work.

    Anyhow, it's my main game and when I make adventures for other systems, I always have to convert from LA. It's like learning new languages where you still think in your native tongue. LA became my native tongue the day I had the aha moment and understood it.


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