Saturday, March 8, 2014

FLAILSNAILS - Why I Don't "Flail my Snail" ;)

I play with some fairly frequent "Flailsnailers", but I myself, have never done such.

I do see the appeal, even if it holds little for me.

See, if you have limited game time available to use and a steady group, there is little need for Flailsnailing.

As a DM, my group and myself vet any guest players into our sessions. As the campaigns we play have core sets or characters, I am likely to review any new PC coming in to see how well they fit and if any adjustments are needed - the inherit occasional FS wackiness is generally not an added feature I'm looking for (that being said, I can see it fit well into certain styles of campaigns).

As a player, I don't have the free time to bounce from game to game, system to system. My time to play is limited and scheduled well in advance, much like my DMing

Now, without a steady group and an abundance of free time, I can certainly see the appeal of Flailing One's Snail, as it were.

I can also see how it would work well as an underlining conversion set of rules for an OSR styles online con, where players could bring their own characters to the game and not use a pregen. There certainly is a lot to say for that use.

Ah well, just some random thoughts...


  1. I hear ya about maximizing time at the table. Not like being a teenager. Here is an old post but a fun read. Your comments about flailsnails reminded me of it.

  2. I may be missing something obvious, but even after reading this post I'm still unsure of what "flailsnailing" is referring to.....people who jump group to group? People with weird characters? I've never heard of the flailsnail used as a euphemism for anything before (other than freaky monster builds)...

    1. http://jrients.blogspot.com/2011/08/flailsnails-conventions.html


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