Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Stop the Presses - I've Agreed to Participate on a Kickstarter Project

Holy shit Batman!

Yep, I've agreed to participate on a Kickstarter project in a limited scope.

The creator of the project has Kickstarted in the past and has done it well. No complaints from my end and I've supported the previous Kickstarters - they never made "the list".

More details as the project gets closer to going live, but it is RPG related.


  1. Replies
    1. hey, i held on to this for 24 hrs

      the least i could do is tease ;)

    2. actually, more like 60 hrs...

  2. i can't believe it and i won't believe it and i can't believe it :-)

  3. Is it the one we were both emailed about?

    1. aye, same one.

      I've actually been following the setting / system for years and have been tempted to run an earlier version of it.

      I'm looking forward to participating in a small way to a revised and expanded version.

    2. I'm not familiar with the property as it stands, and the example of the kickstarter page just didn't do anything for me. They need someone with promotional skills to build a kickstarter that will draw interest. Then I'd probably be interested in getting involved.

  4. Peddle your shit somewhere else, we are full up here.


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