Saturday, March 8, 2014

Blue Dungeon Tiles - A Kickstarter for a Modular Gaming Mat / Map / Tiles

When i see a Kickstarter like this - Blue Dungeon Tiles - I regret the fact that I lack a face to face group, as this would be awesome. Inexpensive compared to set piece such as dungeon wall, it's also hard to discount the easy of storage and carrying. I have Dwarven Forge stuff from their last Kickstarter, and the stuff is awesome, but really, I'd have to be running the session from home for me to break out the pieces.

I'm actually surprised no one thought of doing this before. Wet, dry and permanent marker erasable tiles. Pretty sweet.

I may just have to kick in for the possibility of finding a local OSR styled group at some point, or even for use at a con.

Who am I kidding? 30 bucks for the basic set? I'm in...


  1. Wow, but those are nifty! I might have to get me some o' them!

  2. Seems like if you have a marker and some index cards they would be really easy to make...

  3. I can't wait to receive this one in the mail.


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