Saturday, March 8, 2014

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Cats

Last Sunday I was totally psyched. I had stuff in the review pile ready to be reviewed and even thought I could get to as many as TWO a day at times. Which was a great plan until Monday struck at work. Overtime every day but Wednesday (when I have 'Uncle Duty" in the later afternoon.)

Good for the wallet, not so good for reading and posting.

Today has been "clean out the pantry and deal with the mice mess". I'm going to try and steal some reading time even if my wife kills me. Oh, and prep for renovations on monday ;)

Oh, and have already spent a chunk of the overtime earned earlier this week on... mouse resistant storage containers that are air tight. Thank you Amazon for allowing me to spend the money that isn't yet in my paycheck without even leaving my home.


  1. Not sure if it's feasible up there, but down in the low country we tend to use poison baits. Put it behind your washer/dryer and away from where the cat can get it.

    They really do work.

  2. "Mice mess" is never a good thing, but a situation that can generally be improved by under feeding the household cat; who, incidentally seems to have been filling up on crayons:)

  3. More practically you could use sticky traps to catch the mice. better than poison because they don't crawl away to die behind the skirting & stink the place out and you can either drown or stomp the little bastards when you do catch them.
    P.S. Bait the traps with chocolate spread, its like rodent crack!

    1. used very small pieces of hershey kisses - 3 mice in less than 24 hrs ;)

  4. Why are your minions not upholding the terms of their room and board? Furry little bastards!


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