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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Huzzah! Adventures Dark & Deep Bestiary Kickstarter Releases in Record Time

Huge props to +Joseph Bloch for releasing the Adventures Dark & Deep Bestiary MONTHS earlier then the Kickstarter estimated.

When I get home from work, I'll be kicking back with a cold one as I peek at the PDF and imagine the trouble for my players when the hardcover arrives ;)


  1. There's many a Kickstarter operation that should turn to Joe for advice on how to do it. At least, that's the impression I get.

    Nice work Joe!

  2. Yep Joseph is one I have no problem backing. He doesn't over promise. He just delivers a kick ass product every time. My problem with Joseph is, I have everything in soft cover, but now I'm thinking of getting hard covers.

    1. Frankly, I don't see the problem there. ;-)

      Seriously, thanks to all for the kind words and support. It really means a lot.


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