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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Obligatory "I'm Not at GenCon" Post

I've gone to one GenCon in my life. I believe it was back in '92 (although it may have been '93). It was in Milwaukee and we never even had a chance to do a brewery tour, although we did find a nice pub and restaurant to hit every night after midnight for beer and grub.

Things that stick out to me?

At 7 am, with no traffic on the streets, pedestrians were waiting for the "Walk" sign. We were a bunch of New Yorkers - dodging traffic is second nature for us.

I didn't smell gamer funk until Saturday, but maybe it's just that the ventilation system was working really well.

There was a Spelljammer Miniature Battle Gameswith huge ship models and a crapload of players. "Slade" was running it, then had to run to the bathroom and put me in charge for like minutes - definitely a highlight.

Picked up a signed copy of Rifts by Kevin and Kevin from Palladium Games.

Also grabbed a copy of EGG's Dangerous Journeys over at the Mayfair booth.

Played in a few tourneys. Ranked high enough it one to get a $10 Gift Certificate to the Dungeon Hobby Shop in one of them.

Also sat in on 2 or 3 seminars - boring as all hell ;)

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  1. I suppose that I will never go at Gencon - airline tickets to US from Europe are ridiculously expensive. At least for me.


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