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Sunday, June 17, 2012

ACK or Die Session 6 Recap - Sprinkling in Some New Magic

The Party Fought Some Mud Elementals
Last night my player's wrapped up the 1-Sheet Maidens of Moordoth "Plus" - the plus being the Matt Jackson Tiles that we used for last week's Hangouts on Air.  Which meant the adventure took a turn in a different direct then initially laid out.  In turn, this led one of my players to turn a small plot hole into something large enough to march an invading army through.  At least I have a week to figure out how to fill the hole ;)

No deaths, although creatures with high AC turn combat into a stagnant slugfest of sorts.  This in and of itself isn't a huge issue, as a long combat in ACKS is somewhere around two rounds of combat in 4e (or so I've been told).

Last night was the first night we were short a player (heal up Charles) and it was interesting to see the idea of tactical retreat entering players' minds when the Gladiator was on auto pilot.

I was able to place a few of the new magical items I've been working on into the game as loot.  I even put in the Beer Bear, which a few of my players had read about on my blog.  I'm looking forward to them "stretching" the items as far as they can take them.  Which is a main reason why I really like non-standard magic items: I get to watch the players surprise me even more than usual :)

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