Thursday, June 21, 2012

DCC Free RPG Day 2012 Adventure(s) - First Impressions and Other Thoughts

I've been flipping through the Free RPG Day 2012 Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG Free Adventures tonight, and I find myself wantig to make a few observations.

First, presentation as always is awesome.  The art just works.  I constantly find myself thinking of WFRP 1e when I look at the art in the various DCC products because they seem to share the same "feel".  Trust me, its a very good thing, at least in my eyes.

Michael Curtis' adventure - The Undulating Corruption is a 5th level outdoor, or wilderness adventure. For some reason I hadn't thought of using wilderness adventures with the DCC ruleset, probably because the adventures I've read so far basically plop you at the beginning of a dungeon.  This one is a nice change.  It requires the hook of a party wizard suffering from corruption, but if  you have a 5th level wizard in DCC that isn't suffering from corruption, something is definitely wrong.

The second adventure is from the tireless Harley Stroh - The Jeweler That Dealt in Stardust.  Guess what?  This adventure is a city adventure.  Now, it also has basement, so technically you could say it's also a dungeon adventure, but that might be stretching things just a tad ;)  BTW, the map for this adventure is yet another one I'd like to get a print of.  Why do I feel that Joseph isn't hearing my pleas?  I might have to start posting on the DCC forum to make sure I'm heard :)

Talking about maps, there is a partially started map in the center of the booklet that is part of the Adventure Design contest.  Just over 4 months to submit entries (10/31/12) I might actually take a stab at this.  After I make about a dozen copies of the map and see how many variations of it I can crank out - and then work from the one I like the best.

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  1. I love the warrior on the cover, which his 70's-style bellbottom hot pants! That bit alone conveys a ton of information about what era of fantasy DCC is ostensibly set in... Great stuff.


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