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Win a Free PDF Copy of One of Three Different DCC RPG Adventures

Yep, I'm giving away a free copy of DCC #67 - Sailors on the Starless Sea.  (edit - due to the generosity of certain 3rd party DCC RPG Publishers, we are adding Perils of the Sunken City AND Attack of the Frawgs! to the prize pool! - read more about these excellent prizes here)

Joe Goodman was generous enough to send me a coupon for DCC #67 at RPGNow, but I had already purchased a PDF copy from there.  I asked if I could forward the copy on to one of my blog readers, and he said yes. (in the off chance that the code is linked to my account specifically, I'll purchase it as a gift for your account using the code at my account - should work the same in the end).

What do you need to do to win such wondrous prizes?

It's fairly simple.

Generate a Zero Level character for the DCC RPG.  What, you don't have a copy of the rules?  No problem at all.  Just got to the Purple Sorcerer's website and they'll generate 4 characters for you!  How easy is that? (remember, you just need 1, so pick the one you like the most and run with it)

Now all you need to do is name your character, post the stats, occupation, starting equipment and "lucky roll" - and 2 to 3 sentences of background, motivation, random info - whatever you want to post about your Zero level "noob" as a comment to this post.

Tuesday, June 26th at around 6 pm eastern time I'll close the door on entries and randomly pick 3 winners later on that night (why tuesday?  because I may be running it monday night for my players that signed up via the UA-LC).  Three main prizes - Three main winners. I will add two bundles from the Toys For the Sandbox series of releases.  These two winners will be by my choice, not random.  So, make me laugh, make an amazing write up, make poor stats into something memorable - whatever.
The bundles choices will be from the first three, so 1-5, 6-10 or 11-15.

You may enter as many times as you may like, but only one entry will count towards winning one of the three main adventures = Sailors on the Starless Sea, Perils of the Sunken City and Attack of the Frawg.

Good luck to all :)


  1. Toast
    Str: 7
    Agl: 10
    Sta: 9
    Per: 8
    Int: 9
    Lck: 8

    Luck Roll: Lived through famine (fort rolls -1)

    Toast knows he's not long for this world. The only thing he is qualified for is landfill. Knowing this, his only wish is to die doing something heroic. Whether that is falling on a goblin spear or detecting a pit for the rest of the party. Toast wants to go down in a flicker of unsung glory.

  2. Haern
    Str: 13
    Agl: 4
    Sta: 9
    Per: 7
    Int: 14
    Lck: 9

    Luck Roll: Four-leaf Clover
    0th-Level Occupation: Shaman
    Alignment: Neutral

    Haern was a shaman from a small tribe wiped out by an attack by gnolls. He was away when the gnolls attack because he was unexpectedly called away. Now he seeks revenge.

  3. Woof the Dogboy
    0-level Halfling Vagrant

    STR 14
    AGL 12
    STA 11
    PER 9
    INT 8
    LUCK 11

    Lucky Roll: Raised By Wolves
    Gear: Club, Begging Bowl, empty chest

    "Give pennies to Woof! Woof not stupid. Smart! Strong! You pay Woof get job done, yes? Club crush skulls. Fill chest with dead-meat. Woof want shiny pennies! Awrhooooooo!"

  4. Bald Hobart
    0-Level Occupation: Barber

    STR: 10
    AGL: 10
    STA: 7 (-1)
    PER: 14 (1)
    INT: 8 (-1)
    Luck 13 (1)
    Lucky Roll: Lucky sign (Saving throws)

    Equipment: 21 cp, Scissors, Crowbar (2 gp)
    Weapons: Razor +0 (1d4)

    Bald Hobart has been bald since birth. To make up for his lack of hair, he became a barber and is now one of the most renowned hair trimmers in the realm. He keeps the trimmings from his clientele to fashion fantastic wigs and toupees which he wears to cover his hairless pate. He is quite skilled with the razor and scissors, and can shave the hairiest barbarian clean without a nick in less than a minute. Now, though, he's on the run because he shaved the wrong end of the Duke of Urlhttp's daughter.

  5. Huub


    STR 14 (+1)
    AGL 12
    STA 11
    PER 10
    INT 4 (-2)
    Luck 10

    Lucky Roll: Bountiful harvest (Hit points, applies each level) (0)

    Equipment: 20cp, Steel Helmet, Chain 10' (30gp)

    Weapon: Longsword +1 (1d8+1)

    Huub was always bigger than the other boys, and it was his formidable size that brought him to the attention of Sir Talenore. Serving as a squire, Huub travelled far from home, but his imbecilic stupidity soon became apparent. Sir Talenore left him snoring by a campfire and galloped into the night, leaving Huub with nothing but a sword and his desperation.

  6. Cestus the Fingerless
    0-Level Occupation: Halfling Glovemaker

    STR: 8 (-1)
    AGL: 10
    STA: 13 (+1)
    PER: 9
    INT: 10
    Luck 13 (+1)

    Lucky Roll: Seventh Son (Spell Checks +1)

    Equipment: 28 cp, Gloves (4 pairs), Chain 10' (30 gp)

    Weapons: Awl 1 (1d4-1)

    Named for his innovation in pared-down combat hand-gear, Cestus has proven himself the pride of his clan. But for as much as he loves crafting fine handwear, Cestus feels confined by his profession. His stubby fingers itch for the glory of battle!

  7. Shevrah

    Str 14
    Agi 13
    Sta 11
    Per 11
    Int 10
    Luck 17

    Lucky Roll: The Broken Star (fumbles +2)

    Equipment: Stinky cheese, holy symbol (of cheese), 37cp
    Weapon: Cudgel (cheese press handle) +1 (1d4+1)

    "BLESSED ARE THE CHEESEMAKERS (and all manufacturers of dairy products)! A cheesemaking apprentice, Shevrah had a vision and began prosetylizing. After being condemned by the local church for heresy (dairysy?) he now seeks adventure for fame and money to spread his new gospel.

  8. QUIRT

    Str 9
    Agi 8
    Sta 7
    Per 5
    Int 8
    Luck 16

    Lucky Roll: Unholy house (corruption rolls)(+2)

    Equipment: Club, 27cp, strange-looking rock (basher), flint and steel.

    Quirt is a former slave. A thin, sickly looking fellow who somehow survived 5 years in the salt mines. He has a funny looking rock whom he talks to a calls basher. Rumour has it that basher brained a slaver and helped Quirt escape. Quirt is an upbeat fellow and very talkative.

  9. Albo
    0-level halfling moneylender
    Strength 12
    Agility 9
    Stamina 8
    Personality 8
    Intelligence 14
    Luck 15

    Lucky Roll: Path of the Bear

    Equipment: short sword, lantern, 5 gp, 10 sp, 220 cp

    Albo has always been a loathseome figure in his small farming community, using his inheritence to become a moneylender and bilk unfortunate farmers with outrageous interest. One day he tried his had at gambling with a wealthy, black-robed traveler who passed through town. He lost. Now, the only way he can repay this stranger is with the kind of money only rumored to exist in treasure troves... and the black robed man has indicated that, should he fail to pay, the interest will be his very soul!

  10. Dugwump aka "Doug"

    0-level halfling chicken butcher

    Strength 14
    Agility 11
    Stamina 9
    Personality 8
    Intelligence 7
    Luck 13

    Lucky Roll: Charmed House (AC)

    Equipment: chicken meat (5lbs.), hand axe, 34 cp

    Dougwump is a surly, anarchistic little hooligan, with a classic case of Little Man Syndrome. He enjoys drinking, brawling, and drinking and brawling some more, always seeking to test himself against the largest opponent he can find. What little money "Doug" acquires is spent immediately on strong drink or more tattoos.

  11. Mulgad the Lucky

    Strength 10
    Agility 13 (+1)
    Stamina 11
    Personality 11
    Intelligence 7 (-1)
    Luck 13 (+1)

    Occupation: Jeweler
    Lucky Roll: Seventh Son (Spell Checks) +1
    Stuff: Dagger, gem worth 20 gp, holy symbol, 39 cp.
    Alignment: Neutral

    Mulgad the Lucky is the seventh son of Bulmag the Virile, and was lucky enough to be trained as a jeweler. And, frankly, handling and setting beautiful gems in gold or silver would be enough to satisfy Mulgad, were he not just stupid enough to wish for more. It is not so much that he wants to become Mulgad the Thief, but that he wishes to gain a little more, and he trusts his luck just enough to imagine himself likely to succeed. Of course, his pious devotion to Legda, Goddess of Luck, cannot hurt. Or so he tells himself. He carries her holy symbol everywhere.

  12. Hablin the haggard hafling

    lucky roll: Survived the plague

    Carries: 31cp, 3 yards of cloth, flint and steel

    Background: Hablin is rather loathesome to be around, as he stinks of the plants used to dye cloth, his hands are permanently stained a blackish color, and his face is covered in the scars from a nasty plague that left its victims covered in pustules.
    Hablin inherited the family business after the rest of his ilk died off in the plague, but he is rather tired of the mountains of fabric that he spends all day dyeing. He's ready to get out into the word and claim something nice for a change, even if that something nice is just enough gold to buy some booze and dull the pain of dyeing.

  13. Varros Blackwater

    Strength 16
    Agility 15
    Stamina 15
    Personality 15
    Intelligence 10
    Luck 9

    Occupation - Outlaw
    Lucky Roll - Four Leaf Clover
    Equipment - short sword +2, leather armor, small hammer, 22 cp

    Varros Blackwater was apprenticed to a master swordsman until he fell in love with his mentor's daughter. He barely escaped the experience with his life when found out. On the run he was forced to banditry and living on the edge of society, he has sworn to one day destroy his former mentor.

  14. Darnok "Stinky" Hammerhand

    Strength 14
    Agility 11
    Stamina 13
    Personality 6
    Intelligence 16
    Luck 11

    Occupation - Dwarven Mushroom-Farmer
    Lucky Roll - The Raging Storm (Spell Damage)
    Equipment - sack (smelly), 10' chain (dirty), shovel (mucky), 39 cp (don't put that in your mouth, you don't know where it's been!)

    If ever there was an expert in cave lizard dung, and the fungi that grows in it, it's Stinky Hammerhand. Though seldom one to shirk his farming duties, he currently quests for the perfect fertilizer for his Black Battleax mushroom crop.

  15. William Apple

    Strength 18
    Agility 13
    Stamina 7
    Personality 12
    Intelligence 15
    Luck 7

    Occupation: Costermonger
    Lucky Roll: Unholy house (Corruption rolls)(-1)
    Starting Funds: 32cp
    Equipment: Fruit, Candle (1 cp)

    A loyal knight of the Duke, William was sent on an undercover mission -- disguised as a humble fruit-seller -- to infiltrate the fort town of Chestborough. By unfortunate coincidence he arrived on the day of the peasants' uprising against the Baron of Chestborough, and received a brutal head wound during the battle. Upon awakening several weeks later he had no memory of his former life, and took on the presumed role of a costermonger. Now down to his last apple, William is wondering what to do.

  16. Horgan "Lucky" Bigglesbee

    Strength 13
    Agility 8
    Stamina 5
    Personality 11
    Intelligence 9
    Luck 4

    Occupation: Halfling Glovemaker
    Lucky Roll: Fox's cunning (Find/disable traps)(-2)
    Starting Funds: 18cp
    Equipment: Gloves (4pairs), Sack (small)

    Since early youth Horgan had it bad. Everything that could go wrong, would eventually go wrong. Only with a lot of stringpulling and even more copper pieces his parents were able to secure him a glovemaker apprenticeship. Horgan accidently burned down the shop on his second day. Deciding he had enough of it all he ran away to either end his life or reap glory and more importantly enough cash to be able to go back to his village.

  17. Milo Mendle
    0 Level Tax Collector
    Strength 13
    Agility 8
    Stamina 11
    Personality 11
    Intelligence 10
    Luck 15

    Lucky Roll: Charmed House (AC +1)
    Starting Funds: 34 CP
    Equipment: 1 vial of Holy Water

    Milo was always a dutiful civil servant. He enjoyed crunching the numbers and collecting what was owed the kingdom. He was praised and rewarded by his superiors. Until the day, he turned his accounting prowess towards the friends of the king.
    He's just received his new assignment. He and several other malcontents are being sent to the Tomb of the Arch-Lich Yosarg and collect the several centuries of back taxes owed by the lich.

  18. The creaor thinks my ipad is icky.

  19. Cam the Quick

    Strength 9
    Agility 15
    Stamina 13
    Personality 14
    Intelligence 13
    Luck 12

    Occupation: Orphan
    Lucky Roll: Pack Hunter (Attack/damage rolls for 0-level weapon)
    Starting Funds: 35cp
    Equipment: Rag doll, Grappling Hook

    Cam the quick. An orphan of the streets Cam was forced to become quick to stay out of trouble. Whether it was getting away with that loaf of bread or escaping the strong boys on the streets, Cam used his fleet foot to extricate himself from many situations.

  20. Mervor

    Strength 10
    Agility 12
    Stamina 8
    Personality 18
    Intelligence 11
    Luck 11

    Occupation: Weaver
    Lucky Roll: Charmed house (Armor Class)
    Starting Funds: 29cp
    Equipment: Fine suit of clothes, Lantern

    Normally the one doing the charming, Mervor found himself charmed by a lady adventurer. He ran away from his apprenticeship to serve as her lantern-bearer. Mervor managed to survive where his employer didn't, but now Mervor wants to become an adventurer in his own right.

  21. Weyland

    Strength 5
    Agility 10
    Stamina 7
    Personality 11
    Intelligence 15
    Luck 7

    Occupation: Soldier
    Lucky Roll: Survived the PLague (magical healing)
    Starting Funds: 29cp
    Equipment: Shield, Lantern

    Weyland is an old campaigner, too old. He's seen countless battlefields in a long, decidely not illustrious, career. The years have taken a toll on him. Battle wounds, too much time in the rain and snow, and then the damned plague have left him a shadow of himself, physically. But, his mind is keen, and he's never lost that lust for adventure that suckered him into soldiering so many years ago. Now, cashiered out for age and infirmity, he's signed up with some peasant lads and lasses to seek some real gold, not the pittance he's always been paid. Still, he has little tolerance for greenhorns and fools, and is very much focused on the business at hand.

  22. Yoesepe the Mild

    Strength 18
    Agility 7
    Stamina 11
    Personality 12
    Intelligence 13
    Luck 13

    Occupation: Mendicant
    Lucky Roll: Survived the plague (Magical healing) (+1)
    Equipment: Cheese dip, Hammer - small (5 sp)
    Starting Funds: 14cp

    Temple beggar robes stretched over his enormous frame, Yoesepe's size & power contrast sharply with his meek & humble nature. His deep, thunderous calls for alms attracted the attention of a young noble looking to embark on some crazed misadventure. One sizable donation to the temple later & Yoesepe has found himself sucked into the brash youth's scheme as a temple-appointed "spiritual adviser."

  23. Jacob of Jemery

    Strength 8
    Agility 8
    Stamina 13
    Personality 12
    Intelligence 5
    Luck 11

    Occuptation: Jester
    Lucky Roll: Harsh Winter (all attack rolls) (0)
    Equipment: Silk Clothes, Large Sack
    Starting Funds: 41cp

    It was clear at an early age that Jacob wasn't that bright - but, with his charming smile and an ability to tirelessly talk for hours, it was clear that he was destined for politics. He quickly earned a spot as a Jester, and showed up on his first day at court looking like a noble. He had every intention of having some great laughs as folks figured out he wasn't a real noble. But, noone ever figured it out - it turns out, nobles are actually pretty dumb. Now he's called "Earl Jacob" and he mostly just laughs to himself.

  24. Owoul
    0-Level Occupation: Ropemaker

    STR: 7 (-1)
    AGL: 9
    STA: 12
    PER: 11
    INT: 11
    Luck 8 (-1)

    Lucky Roll: Raised by wolves (Unarmed attack rolls) (-1)

    Equipment: 39 cp, Rope (100'), Waterskin (5 sp)

    Raised by wolves in the woods of deepest Markesh, the now-17-year-old Owoul was seven years old when she was found naked with her foot caught in a bear trap by a royal huntsman and brought back to human civilization against her will. It wasn't until she was 12 that she learned to speak Common (and even now has trouble with some of the larger words) and she prefers to sit quietly and watch more than talk. She was trained as a ropemaker by the Cordager Guild (the huntsman's second cousin was a master ropesmith). In order to make apprentice first class, she must find and return seventeen strands of The Copper Thread of Hernmish (which were stolen by two theives--a bulky barbarian and his wiry companion).

  25. Epomodius the Beekeeper

    Str: 11
    Agl: 10
    Sta: 9
    Per: 11
    Int: 9
    Lck: 12

    Occupation - Beekeeper
    Lucky Roll - The Raging Storm
    Equipment - Staff, Jar of Honey

    Epomodius likes the bees better than most people, he loves them and cares for them all the day long. then one night goblinz stole his honey jars and killed his bees, he has now gone over the edge and become a golbinz hunting fanatic. bashing and buzzing about in the unholy wrath of a pissed off hive of angry bees

  26. Name - Bennigan
    Occupation - Outlaw

    Lucky Roll - Seventh Son (Spell Checks)
    Equipment - Short Sword, Leather Armor, Crowbar

    The youngest in a big family, 'Benny' was never very good at farming. He had a way with words that led to him becoming leader of a bandit gang, but that didn't mean he had a clue what he was doing. After everyone but him got nicked, he escaped to a few counties over to try and find a new line of work.

  27. Imelda the Fox

    Str: 13 (+1)
    Agl: 16 (+2)
    Sta: 12
    Per: 13 (+1)
    Int: 12
    Lck: 10

    Occupation - Confidence Artist
    Lucky Roll - Born Under the Loom
    Equipment - Dagger, Quality cloak, Candle (1 cp)


    Alignment: Chaotic

    Imelda is on a new venture. She has done well robbing from the warriors and adventurers that butter up to her praises and fawning. She is tired of these dolts and has come to the realization that she can venture out and find riches on her own. Of course, if things get too dangerous she's more that capable of eliciting assistance. Survival and riches are her end goals.

  28. Nibur, son of Nifur
    Dwarven Mushroom-farmer

    STR: 13+1
    AGL: 9
    STA: 9
    PER: 10
    INT: 14+1
    LCK: 13+1

    AC: 10
    HP: 4

    Lucky Roll: Resisted Temptation (+1 Willpower Save)
    Equiptment: 40cp, Sack, Holy Symbol (25gp), Shovel

    After a youth spent in a dark tunnel filled with, er, mushroom food, Nibur was eager to put his shovel to a more glamorous use. A misunderstanding with the farmer the next tunnel over (his daughter was involved) gave him the perfect excuse to head out into the larger world to seek his fortune.

  29. closing the contest to new entries - will award the prizes shortly - good luck to all :)


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