Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some Thoughts on Last Night's DCC Session - Short Funnel of Death

This is not a recap of the game session. Instead, its some observations I'd like to make about last nights game.

The Funnel - I didn't think I'd like the funnel but it seemed to work fine in actual play. We went initially with 4 characters each for each of five players. So, 20 peasants in the mix, which dropped to 16 when one player lost internet connectivity. Oh, and a cow. Can't forget the cow. Actually, by my reckoning, the cow saved 1 or possibly 2 peasant lives, as it took 2 of the limited stock of Flaming Finger of Death shots to kill the cow. That could have been 2 more peasants dead.

PC Death - quick and painless. Alright, relatively painless. I hadn't killed a PC in over 15 years, and I think I killed 8 last night (and a cow). I need to put some notches on my D20 I guess.

Adventure Length - shorter than I expected, but that was fine. It felt like a full adventure and the pace of the adventure was pretty quick for the most part. I specifically chose the Zero-Level adventure in the rulebook, as we just had a 3 hr window to work with, and I wasn't sure how quick the system will run. I'm going to assume things will slow down when we hit first level and start accessing the different tables.

The Set Up - I am, apparently, a sandbox style DM by nature. Not that I would have called myself that years ago, but it's obvious to me now. Starting fresh PCs at the front door of the dungeon and basically saying: "Seek Adventure!" as you shove the PC hoard through the entrance wasn't something I was all that comfortable doing. I adjusted fine as the adventure got moving, but there is a lot of flavor text, at least in this module. Which is fine if you like to hear your DM reading flavor text. Sure, I could rewrite it in my own words, but it will still wind up being "hear your DM reading flavor text".


  1. My experience is that DCC runs fast at 1st level, too. And at 3rd, which is the highest level I have yet run.

    In fact, it runs fast at 3rd level with a player who has never played the game before.

    During Free RPG Day, it took a scant 2.5 hours to run through 13 encounter areas/encounters with two players playing two characters each, one of whom was playing a wizard and was seeing DCC for the first time.

  2. good to know - i'm aiming for 3 hr slots as like many folks, i have to work in the morning ;)


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