Sunday, June 17, 2012

Changing My View on Mortality for Tomorrow Night's Dungeon Crawl Classics Session

Not too much actual prep needed at this point except to reread the adventure.  I've never run a "funnel type" adventure, and my instincts are to not indiscriminately kill PCs by the bucketful.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for "let the dice fall where they may" type of play, and if a PC dies, have a drink in their memory and move on.

I'm not a Killer DM, I'm a Let Them Be Killed if the Fates Will It DM.  I've never felt joy when a PC died, and TPKs grate on my Gamer's Soul.

Tomorrow night I need to change my view on PC mortality for a bit.  Not only is PC death acceptable, it is to be expected.  There is a reason why folks start out with 4 PCs in DCC, as the usual death toll for the zero level peasant swarm is usually somewhere over 50% from the postings I've read. So yeah, I need to be okay with PCs dropping like flies to an electric fly swatter (damn but i love mine!  ZAP! and the occasional smell of burnt fly).

I currently have 3 of the 5 PC sheets I'm expecting.  Hopefully I get the last 2 before the game.

Should be fun.  New set of RPG Rules.  New group of players.  What could go wrong? ;)


  1. I definitely fall into the 'loath to kill players' camp, but I've (and my players) have had a ball wiping out 0-level characters in my playtests. It's just a different animal at 0-level. (I did a write-up about the phenomenon on my blog called "It makes killing fun again!")

    I'm reverting to my old ways as the characters have begun established, but deadly starting play is a nice change of pace.

  2. @Purple Sorcerer - good to know it's fun even when it goes against my instincts ;)

  3. And a good tip is to have a small pool of replacement characters sprinkled throughout the adventure as possible replacements for really unlucky players. (On the very first playtest of Perils of the Sunken City, my son wanted to kill off one of his peasants to get a crack at a Opossuman character...)


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