Sunday, February 20, 2022

Thinking of Using Minecraft to Run a TTRPG as a Game Aid

Thinking of Using Minecraft to Run a TTRPG as a Game Aid
I know I've mentioned several times that I'm pretty much using, or at least trying to use, the month of February to move out of my old rental and into a new (to me) house that I bought. I'm not bragging, just that this process is a total PITA and it has been taking me way too much time to get what should be a simple and straight-forward job done. It really didn't help that I lost a good week to my back being screwed up from repetitive motion. My VA doc was less than helpful, at first, with my pain management and I seriously thought I was going to spasm out and require another hospital visit.....

....anyway, I know that really isn't why you're here, but it's a bit of backstory to explain I've had a bit more time laid-up than I'd like and I've been a bit stressed about it. Should I mention my car engine died on me and I had to purchase a new ride on top of everything else? Stressed is an appropriate response I think.

One thing that has really helped me calm down a bit is playing Minecraft. It's definitely not slinging dice at the game table, but it has proven to be a good time-waster that keeps me a bit more engaged than just watching TV.

Minecraft is now owned by Microsoft and it seems to be available on just about anything these days and while I haven't messed with a server or played in any online games, I know that is an option. What I didn't know, until this morning around 5 AM (couldn't sleep thinking of all the crap I have to get done today). I learned that there is an Education Edition and that schools are using Minecraft to be a fun way of teaching "geographical issues like erosion, pollution, urban planning and more".

Of course, as these things tend to do, I got to thinking of how Minecraft could be used at the gaming table, and now I think I'd like to try this: build an adventure in Minecraft, well at least the map. I'm not all that familiar with creative mode, but it has to be easier than survival mode since you have access to everything. Let Minecraft create the general world map then start placing villages and building out your dungeons per your adventure map. Using a projector, give the players a 1st person 3d view of your dungeon. Since Minecraft is already blocky laying things out should be easy. As the GM you'd just have to be careful about where secret doors and traps are, but if you're running the player walking through the world, as a place-holder for the party, that should be easy enough. Allowing the players to connect through on laptops would be possible, but could also be problematic.

I think if you just used Minecraft and a projector to show the map and then switched to a traditional battlemat when combat ensued, you'd be good to go. It could be a LOT more fun if you ran a maze and let the party's mapper just keep track not by what you tell them, but what they have to pick up from the screen. Is this room 40' or 50'....wait, were those double doors back there?

I'm thinking there is a lot of potential here......thoughts?

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  1. My son build a scale model of the Caves of Chaos in Minecraft once. His ravine walls were a bit too steep but it was awesome seeing the caves in 3D, walking through them and all. It felt totally new and mysterious.


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