Monday, February 21, 2022

Deal of the Day - Adventures Great and Glorious (OSR)

Just for a little perspective, I've known Joe Bloch for a number of years - probably a decade or more. The first time I met Joe in person, it was at the Gygax Magazine Launch Party, where we both remarked on the long line and the cold weather, if I recall correctly ;)

Joe is THE most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to the World of Greyhawk setting,  and he's shown his game designer abilities with the release of the AD&D 2e "What If?" game system, Adventures Dark and Deep.

Joe has the current DTRPG Deal of the Day, Adventures Great and Glorious, a sourcebook for higher-level play using the OSR ruleset of your choice. Normally 9.99 in PDF, Adventures Great, and Glorious is on sale for 4.97 until 11 AM Eastern, 2/21/22. I know this is a late notification of the deal, but its the best I could do with the day I had :)

What if there was something for high level characters to doother than kill bigger monsters? Now there is.

A continuation of the possibilities set forth in ADVENTURES DARK AND DEEP™and other fantasy role-playing games, ADVENTURES GREAT ANDGLORIOUS™ lets you take your game to the next level, letting your playersbecome lords of their own territories, courtiers at the royal court, scions oftheir own families, and even creators of their own demiplanes of existence.

Fully compatible with most old-school role-playing games, this book includessections on:

• Clearing territory and attracting followers and settlers in the wilderness

• Becoming functionaries and courtiers and sharing in the intrigues of a

royal court

• Governing territories, collecting taxes, creating mines, and dealing with

the unexpected events of rulership

• The Long Game, with campaign turns, events, and growing families

• Mass combat, with simple rules that let the players take center stage at

the critical moment and help decide the outcome of the battle

• New secondary skills, treasure, magic items, and spells

Please note this is a rules supplement, and is designed to be used with other rule systems. It is not a complete game unto itself. While it is written with the Adventures Dark and Deep game in particular, the references have equivalents in most other popular OSR games, with the exception of the new character classes in Adventures Dark and Deep. Unfortunately, due to limitations of the OGL regarding indications of compatibility, we cannot provide precise cross-references for other games. 


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