Saturday, February 26, 2022

Deal of the Day - King Arthur Pendragon: Edition 5.2

My memories of the Pendragon RPG go back to the boxed set. Very much built on the chassis of Basic Roleplaying / CoC / RuneQuest, and yet so, so different. I read the book as an authoritative source on the Arthurian legends, and sadly never got to run anything other than some one-shots with the rules.

This makes today's Deal of the Day - King Arthur Pendragon: Edition 5.2 - very satisfying (especially since DTRPG tells me I already own this in PDF - downloaded for some light reading later this week). With the current times, we are in, some Arthurian legend immersion isn't a bad deal.

Normally 19.99 in PDF, King Arthur Pendragon: Edition 5.2 is 9.99 until 11 AM Eastern, tomorrow morning.
Capture the Spirit of Arthurian Legend!

Relive the grandeur, romance and adventure of the greatest of all legends — the story of King Arthur. Assume the role of a knight starting his career in the time of Uther Pendragon, undertaking quests and perilous adventures for your lord, for your lady-love, for the Church, or for your own glory. Win great renown with your laudable deeds and feats of arms, perhaps even winning the right to carve your name into the Round Table itself as the story of Arthur and Camelot unfolds around you.

With its innovative rules, including the distinctive traits and passions system designed to help you in determining your character's behavior under any circumstances, King Arthur Pendragon provides a unique roleplaying experience laid out against the richest tapestry in Western literature.

This Edition 5.2 offers hundreds of corrections to Edition 5.1 which itself updated the redesigned and reorganized 5th Edition. This book also contains new material and rules changes for 5th Edition by Greg Stafford, the creator of the original game.

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