Monday, December 9, 2019

Kickstarter - HandyMaps Buildings & Structures - A5 Card Handouts for RPGs (MonkeyBlood)

Glynn "MonkeyBlood" Seal. To know him is to be in constant awe of his maps. Seriously, I don't think there is a better mapper in our community. Others certainly are skilled but Glynn has a certain quality - his maps simple jump out at you.

So, that means that you definitely want in on his latest Kickstarter:

HandyMaps Buildings & Structures - A5 Card Handouts for RPGs

Here's the pitch:
I'm Glynn Seal -- artist, writer, publisher, and 2019 ENnie-nominated and 2018 Gold ENnie Award-winning cartographer for The Midderlands setting for old school games. I've previously run four successful Kickstarter campaigns, and this will be the fifth. 
Our previous campaign was called HandyMaps - Towns & Villages, and due to its success and the hugely positive feedback we received, we have created this campaign to provide some additional cards for buildings/structures. 
So, we are creating set of twenty two (22), double-sided A5 cards showing beautifully illustrated and evocative elevations and floorplan layouts for fantasy-themed buildings/structures. The map cards can be used as player handouts or tools for game planning by Game Masters. 
The cards will be double-sided in a handy A5 size (210mm high x 148mm wide OR 8.27" high x 5.83" wide) from 350gsm uncoated card stock (giving a nice matt finish, suitable for ink and pencil marking). 
Each side will be professionally digitally printed with a single full colour elevation of the building to one side, and a black-inked floorplan to the reverse, all on a parchment style background. 
The floorplan sides will all have a basic grid and minimal text labels (generally kept to suggested uses, floor/storey labels, and level change designations such as stairs and ladders), but NO title, room numbers, or compass allowing Game Masters to use them as they need for their campaigns.

 I'm backing for the boxed set.

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