Saturday, December 14, 2019

Kickstarter - GoDice | Incredibly Smart Connected Dice For Any Game!

Elevate game night and RPG to a whole new level - Play online and offline with friends & family.

GoDice is fucking cool!

Godice is fucking expensive!
GoDice is the “Kindle” of board games - A slick, compact and cool (physical) connected dice set, with TONS of quality content for everyone: family games, bar games, educational games, fun games, and so much more. 
The data from the GoDice syncs immediately to the app. Make your moves , tap your decisions, and watch the score rise in real time. Papers, score sheets and writing are replaced with a cool digital experience! Complex RPG calculations (multiple dice and battles) are done instantly and automatically -  So you can enjoy the fun, luck, and strategic elements of the games. 
GoDice transforms screens into a fun and social "board" game!  It turns screen time into quality time.  Play with your friends online, or round up a group of friends and family to get started (when screens are involved, the younger generation will gladly join the party). GoDice brings people to play TOGETHER. 
I don't need it, but my God I certainly do want it!

The D&D dice package is 99 bucks.

Watch the video. See the potential.

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