Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Kickstarter - Hunters of the Chalice Lands

"A Dark Fantasy RPG OSR/ 5th Edition Lite Ruleset"

Hunters of the Chalice Lands is an interesting Kickstarter, not because of the rules, but because of the setting. More accurately, from the way it reads, it might have been better off as a setting book for OSR / 5e rulesets instead of mashing up its own, but time will tell.

It has funded and has attained its first stretch goal. Here is where some confusion may come in, as it refers to "internal" and "external" stretch goals in the pledge levels, and prices those pledge levels differently depending on whether or not it includes "external" stretch goals.

What should have been spelled out is that internal stretch goals mean additions to the core rulebook and external stretch goals are literally additional books. The wording is unnecessarily confusing.

Ah well, back in the days before retirement, when I could work overtime to supplement my Kickstarter backing, this is probably a project I would have backed. Now that my discretionary income is more fixed, its a Kickstarter I'll need to pass on.
Seven civilisations have come before, seven times the convergence destroyed everything, now you have a chance to stop the convergence before it kills us all. 
You live upon the chalice lands a continent in the great salt sea. Your land is a place of vast plains, towering mountains, tundra’s and scorching deserts; each hides a secret. 
Yours is not the first civilisation to inhabit the land, many have come before, and those have all been destroyed by the convergence, but their destruction was not complete, and many hidden treasures can be found deep beneath the land. 
Discover ancient technologies and magics, unique weapons and armours from any of the past civilisations as you adventure across the Chalice Lands. 

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