Thursday, September 26, 2019

Lost Odyssey - Live D&D Experience to Benefit the Autism Society

Lost Odyssey is a benefit for the Autism Society. Deborah Ann Woll, perhaps best known for her roll on Netflix's Daredevil. It appears she will be the DM. Satine Phoenix and other notables (I don't know them;) will also be part of the show.


When? NOVEMBER 15TH, 2019  MAIN DOORS: 6:00PM  MAIN SHOW: 7:30PM

Goodies for attending: ALL TICKET PURCHASES come with a FREE 1-year subscription to Roll20 Plus, $15 store credit at FrogGodGames.com, 20% off at Dog Might Games, an exclusive DLC pack for the Neverwinter PC game, and more! — In addition, all VIP ticket holders will receive event-exclusive artwork, and a limited edition Book of Knowledge miniature courtesy of Eldritch Foundry!

If you aren't local: Not able to attend the show? Tune in to a livestream of the Lost Odyssey world premiere via Twitch and Tiltify, as the live event will be launching a fundraiser campaign where audiences can donate for their chance to receive thousands of giveaways in the ASA fundraiser! 100% of donations from the fundraiser will be going to the ASA.

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