Saturday, September 28, 2019

Five Random Locations from The Tome of Adventure Design (with hooks)

I love the Tome of Adventure Design, written by Matt Finch and published by Frog God Games.  It never ceases to inspire me. Today I figured I'd play with one of the tables, generate five randomly named locations and add a hook for each. Let's see how well I do with Approach #1: Overview Approach ;)

Corroded Fortress of the Resurrected Wizard - The inland Sea of Salt is retreating and on its newly revealed shoreline lies a weathered fort of stone and iron. Long rumored to be the final sanctuary of a lich, lights have been noticed from its highest tower at night. Dare you enter the Corroded Fortress of the Resurrected Wizard?

Silent Demi-plane of the Diseased Tribe - In the Great Forest, beasts large and small have been infected by a wasting disease. The Druid Asalyn has put out a call for brave adventurers to enter a small rift in space that recently formed in the forest that has coincided with the disease ravaging her charges. Will you answer the call and enter the Silent Demi-plane of the Diseased Tribe and destroy the disease at its source?

Contaminated Abbey of the Jackal-Hunter - Prior Janeth was a pious warrior priest, who took upon himself the mission to remove gnolls and other goblinoid races from the region surrounding his abbey. Recently, a small number of humanoid shamans and witch doctors stormed the abbey and Prior Janeth has not been seen since. Church leaders are looking to hire a party of adventurers to retake the Contaminated Abbey of the Jackel-Hunter and rescue Prior Janeth should he still survive. Will your party accept the quest?

Earthen Keep of the Crocodile God - In the Black Swamp, the waters have retreated and the remains of an earthen keep have been revealed. Rumors of a dark god's temple within, containing riches and magic, have spread through the bars and taverns in town. Will your party explore the Earthen Keep of the Crocodile God?

Convoluted Brewery of the Skeletal Alchemist - An ancient dwarven brewery was discovered by an adventuring party in the Copper Hills, but only one survivor has returned to tell the tale of their defeat by the minions of an undead alchemist. Do you dare take-up the flag of the fallen? Will you travel to the Convoluted Brewery of the Skeletal Alchemist?

Use and abuse :)

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  1. This is a great book, and I've done this before...I have a page of location titles that have sparked my imagination, easy and fun way to kill time and give inspiration...

  2. I have a copy too! Randomness helps inspire ideas. Convoluted Brewery? I like the idea of a lich that opens a bar, lol!

  3. I often use this specific table to jog my imagination, and take me to places where I wouldn't regularly go. The ToAD is chock full of useful tables, but this is one of my favourites.

  4. Once I got the pdf I had to have it in print. It's a great resource.


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