Saturday, March 2, 2019

Kickstarter - Adventures Great and Glorious (Old-school RPG rules for high-level characters)

BRW Games, AKA Joe Bloch, has been producing old school gaming material for years. Perhaps best known for his Castle of the Mad Archmage megadungeon, Joe has done four prior Kickstarters. The secret to his success? They've all been written prior to the Kickstarter launch. Kickstarter funds fund the art. I like the way Joe does things :)

So, what do the Adventure Great & Glorious rules include:
  • Clearing territory and attracting followers and settlers in the wilderness
  • Becoming functionaries and courtiers and sharing in the intrigues of a royal court
  • Governing territories, collecting taxes, creating mines, and dealing with the unexpected events of rulership
  • The Long Game, with campaign turns, campaign actions, events, and families
  • Mass combat, with simple rules that let the players take center stage at the critical moment and help decide the outcome of the battle
  • New secondary skills, treasure, magic items, and spells 
It's designed with Adventures Dark and Deep in mind, but should work with most other old-school RPG rules with little to no tinkering. 
The book is written. Now I'm looking to Kickstart the project to bring the book to life.
The funds raised here will be used to pay for the same high-quality art you've come to expect in other BRW Games RPG books, as well as professional copy editing. This will be my fifth Kickstarter; all of my previous campaigns have been successfully completed and most shipped early.
PDF only is 10 bucks. PDF plus POD softcover is 9 bucks (about 5 bucks plus shipping) So, it's cheaper to get the POD softcover with PDF than it is to simply get the PDF. I understand why Joe priced it as such (as there is an additional cost for the POD and shipping) but it does make it cheaper to back for the PDF plus POD softcover and never use the POD coupon than it is for the PDF by itself.

Needless to say, I backed for 9 bucks without hesitation ;)

Hardcover POD plus PDF is 19 bucks (plus an estimated 10 bucks to print plus shipping) I may upgrade before the time runs out ;)


  1. Slight clarification... the softcover will end up being a total of about $15 plus shipping (you're paying $9 up front, plus about $5 to get it printed, plus the shipping). So while it's not cheaper than the pdf alone, it's not all that much more, either.

    1. it is if you never order the POD ;)

    2. Hmmm. Not sure if the link that DriveThruRPG gives you the option at that point. Be interesting to see!

    3. Ordered. The pledges were a little confusing, but I'm in.


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