Sunday, February 24, 2019

Post TotalCon Wrap Up - First Time Attending - Definitely NOT the Last ;)

Alright. I'll say this out loud - I shouldn't have waited this long to attend. Rach and I had a blast and next year will be even better as Frog God will be having more table space, more Swords & Wizardry and possibly even more Tavern Chat. Seriously had a blast recording live at TotalCon.

Oh, and for those that asked about business cards - yes, coming soon to a convention near you ;)

Convention staff treated us like aces. Hotel and bar staff were top notch.

It was great meeting the different fans of The Tavern - both blog and podcast. Its a really special time when I get to meet members of The Tavern's community face to face and now I have a New England convention where I can do just that. Huzzah!

The ride back to NYC was messy with steady light rain and fog. Just under four hours including a pit stop at a rest stop for a Subway sandwich. Any port in a storm ;)

Now its time to catch up before Gary Con arrives in a week and a half ;)

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  1. Huzzah is actually in Portland, ME in late spring/early summer.


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