Monday, February 25, 2019

Zak Smith - The Hits Just Keep on Coming - ENnies Ban Announced

Pretty much what it says on the tin. I'm glad they did not retroactively remove awards, as the products in question won because of teamwork from all involved, not just Zak.

You can read the original link here:


  1. So he's banned from attending an event that he was already banned from? Banception?

  2. Interesting, but is this ban academic?

    ZS is already banned from Gen Con, and given the wide spread shunning, I don't think ZS would win a popular award any more.

    That said, I suppose ZS would have to think twice before adding the title of 'ENnie Award Winner' to any work he does going forward, less this announcement haunt him …

    I suppose if nothing else, it's more bad news for ZS.

    1. I don't know that the Ennies are/will always be held within the confines of the official GenCon grounds, so I suppose it isn't totally academic.... but yeah mostly academic as near as I can see.

  3. Interesting idea - ban talent from your talent awards.

    If removing previous awards (good luck with that) is bad because of its effect on collaborators, what is saying that you won't award any product to someone who collaborates with Zak? Clue: starts with "H", ends with "ypocricy".

    ENvy is a terrible thing.

  4. Too bad, so sad. Sending thoughts and prayers.

  5. Ok, I'm really late to the story here, but what exactly did he do to get the ban hammer lowered on him? Who's lineage did he disparage?

    1. Some women said he was abusive and wrote out these lengthy diatribes.

  6. From what I can gather, which isn't much, it's a "he said", "she said" thing and a golden opportunity to virtue signal.



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