Thursday, February 28, 2019

Kickstarter - Crypt of the Science-Wizard (5e & S&W)

All fear the Skeeter! Violator of Bad Mike. Muse of Bard's Gate and now Keeper of the Crypt of the Science-Wizard.

I like Skeeter. A lot. It's much safer to like Skeeter than it is to not like Skeeter ;)

Seriously, Skeeter Green is good people and I'm excited to see him release his first Kickstarter. Skeeter was playtesting this at TotalCon last weekend ad al the feedback I heard was that it was an excellent adventure. I'm backing Crypt of the Science-Wizard for the Swords & Wizardry version myself. 30 bucks for the Print plus PDF - shipping included in the continental US.
This site-based module is designed to bring you back to the age of pulp adventure, where you can discover the secrets of the hidden tomb of an ancient wizard! Travel great distances to a remote location to unlock the mysteries sealed within an ancient tomb. What harrowing challenges are contained within? Only the bravest and quickest of wit shall survive! 
Seek the entrance to the tomb of Kersete, long-lost magician of the first age and fabled hoarder of forgotten technology! 
SGP has gathered together a group of industry veterans and fresh talent to create a truly challenging and fun adventure. Talented artists, old-school game designers and a veteran developer mix fan-favorite tricks and traps with modern modifications to turn these classic tropes on their heads! Don't be afraid to think outside the box, but remember; use your head or lose your head! Can you bypass the hazards of Kereste, to explore deeper into The Black Tower?

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  1. Here's his convo with Matt F about the project:


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