Monday, February 25, 2019

Kickstarter - Pocket Box Games of the Eighties (Steve Jackson Games)

There were a number of really cool Kickstarters already in my browser tags ready to get highlighted at The Tavern before TotalCon (and I intended to post more from TotalCon but that simply wasn't in the cards.) So, here we go with the first of a short series of highlighted Kickstarters.

I remember well the Pocket Box Games of the Eighties. I had each one pictured above. They were great when you lacked a full group to play "the RPG of the week" or were meeting up with one or two others on a non-regular gaming day. Hell, OGRE rarely needed an excuse to play, it was simply fun.

Now Steve Jackson Games is bringing pocket games back. I'm thrilled that a new generation will get to play these games in the manner that they were intended - on a paper board with pieces that could get moved by a light wind. Trust me, it never stopped us ;)

20 bucks (plus shipping) gets you one game in a box. 145 gets you eight (free US shipping at this level and above)

I need to check how many i stillown...


  1. The 200 dollar level is the best bang for your buck. And, it gets bangier every stretch goal.

  2. Wow! I have searching for a copy of Undead (and TSR's answer to is Vampyre) for years.

  3. $200 gets you seven games plus all the Car Wars stuff plus all the Orge and Illuminati add ons.

    And 48 more $200 people get us Boat Wars. $5500 more total gets us Illuminati Expansion 3.


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