Saturday, February 23, 2019

TotalCon Day 3 With the Real Wives of the OSR :)

The ladies have taken over the Frog God table at TotalCon. I've been blessed with meeting and talking with a number of Taverners at the convention and I'm having a blast.

Our neighbor Jeff. We try to keep him well fed and happy. You won't like Jeff if he's angry... ;P

Stefan Pokorny is all his glory.


  1. Sometimes I worry about going out to meet people in the OSR community because I'm homely, but then I see the photos and feel silly for worrying.

  2. Erik, t was great to meet you and the whole crew on Thursday! I only had one day off from work and so had to cram my TotalCon fun into that one day...but you and Bill and Stefan and everyone were so kind and welcoming to me! Thank you for being a great group of people! All best! - Brian C., Chelmsford Massachusetts (mograg@hotmail.com)


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