Monday, July 23, 2018

Kickstarter - The Fantasy Trip RPG (Steve Jackson Games - Funded in Hours - Blowing through Stretch Goals)

I've been looking forward to The Fantasy Trip Kickstarter from the moment I heard it was in the works. More accurately, the moment Steve Jackson regained the rights. Apparently, that applies to others too, as it literally funded in hours. As I type this it is well over $55k in funding (with a $20k goal left in the dust).

So, what's in the Legacy Box? ($60 pledge level)

  • The two original mini-games, Melee and Wizard, each in its own mini-box.
  • The three roleplaying books (In The Labyrinth, Advanced Melee, and Advanced Wizard), combined and updated into a single volume of 160 pages, with the index that the original release lacked.
  • The classic dungeon-crawl adventure, Tollenkar’s Lair, with a full-color labyrinth map.
  • Maybe more, depending on what stretch goals are reached. 
The Legacy Box is definitely the sweet point to back. Although, for $30 you can back for just the two mini-games - Melee and Wizard - and forgo the extras.

Damn it! They've already blown through their stretch goals. We need more! Steve! Phil! Get on that! ;)

I have an interview ready to be posted about The Fantasy Trip Kickstarter. Steve himself was gracious enough to answer my questions. If you have any questions, comment below and I'll see if I can get answers and I'll add them to the interview :)

Use the link tenkars-tavern.games/TheFantasyTrip to learn more and back The Fantasy Trip Kickstarter.

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