Sunday, July 22, 2018

Christmas in July - Entire Line of Fat Dragon Games Printable Terrain (Paper and 3d)

Dragonlock 3d Printed Mouth of Doom (Painted) at Gary Con X
Fat Dragon has probably the best printable terrain one can find. Heck, its Dragonlock line gives Dwarvenite a solid run for its money at a fraction of the cost (we're talking the 3d printed terrain here).

The paper terrain is no slouch either, with multilayered PDFs to give you just the effects you want. Since you print it yourself, you can have as much as you want.

All of the Fat Dragon files, 3d print, and paper, are 25% off for the RPGNow / DriveThruRPG Christmas in July Sale. As I type this there are about 10 days left in the sale.

If you make a purchase please mention it in the comments below. I'll rub Tom's bald head for luck for each of you that comments when I see him at Gamehole in November. Maybe we'll take a pic or two ;)

Just an FYI, but Fat Dragon Games / Tom Tullis has always been very supportive of The Tavern.

Those are affiliate links up above. Affiliate links help fund The Tavern and keep the beers cold ;)

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