Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Tavern Chat Podcast - Episode 73 - #ConManKen Plans a Road Trip - I Give Advice ;)

I find it amazing that for a man that insists on a daily basis that he is no longer going to communicate with the person suing him, and repeatedly claiming he is being harassed by said individual, Ken continues to communicate. That in and of itself pretty much invalidates any claims of harassment.

Ken Whitman is Ken Whitman's #1 Enemy ;)
Ah yes, #ConManKen heads to NYC on Wednesday, August 1st to respond to his civil suit. Assuming he even goes, I remind Ken that IF his driver's license is suspended (likely) how best to avoid arrest. Also, Ken's plans for bankruptcy and submission of misleading documentation and evidence. Oh my!
Link to Episode 73 - https://anchor.fm/tavernchat/episodes/Episode-73---ConManKen-Plans-a-Road-Trip---I-Give-Advice-e1t36i


  1. I know there is/was a benchwarrant issued by NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in 2016 for Mr. Whitman. I bet if he shows up to court they nab him, lol

    He won't show though, its all an act...

    1. Really, what was the bench warrant for?
      Are you sure it is or was real?

      I kind of wondered at times if there was or might be a warrant out for Whitman, considering the things he does at times.

      If there is a bench warrant out for Whitman, it would be funny, since if Whitman appeared in court he would be subject to arrest.

      Yes, Whitman was in court, and then really did end up in a jail.

      Of course, a bench warrant can usually be taken care of, but this being Whitman he may have just let it age without doing anything to take care of it.

  2. I just filed the first notice of discovery and inspection to Ken Whitman, document #39

  3. I just filed a second notice of discovery and inspection:

    I added requests about the multiple transfers of the comic book store, plus one very astute individual suggested looking at Diamond Comics and seeing how and who is really paying the weekly invoices for comics.

    Of course, I can't give that name out but I would like to state in public this very helpful tip.

  4. Any chance you can get the funding and distribution of other kickstarters he has run, as he stated he used that money for the DVDs?

  5. It depends. Whitman stated that he co mingled all the funds, so it is possible that I will have no choice but to trace all sources and uses if it was all in one account.

  6. Well, Whitman being Whitman had served on me a request for discovery, but most of the questions were not anything discovery could be done on.

    Whitman's filing is document #40 and my answer is #41.

    For some reason Whitman seems to think that people are contacting his exwife and his kids. Plus contacting even his talent agent? Whitman has a talent agent, really?

    Whitman also appears to believe that I am somehow using social media against him. The only problem is that I don't have any social media accounts. I guess to someone like Whitman it is inconceivable that a person would not have a social media account.

    Oh, wait, I just realized that Whitman may be having problems with his 'marketing campaign'. He can't find my social media accounts to ruin because they do not exist!

    1. I don't think Ken actually believes you are doing any such thing. He just thinks that making those accusations and such is as effective as repeatedly telling us all how you are disbarred and everything is going to come up roses for Ken "Always The Victim" Whitman once again.

      Upon further thought, its nothing but Ken's brand of 'squid ink', ejected from his ass while he tries to avoid capture/consequences.

    2. One thing that continue to NOT make sense, why doesn't Whitman just do what he was supposed to do?

      While the KODT:LAS I think only had limited appeal to the general public, the Traveler project could have lead to something greater; instead Whitman just grabs the money and runs off.

    3. Because Ken is Aesop's Scorpion: He can't help it. Its in his nature.

    4. The hilarity of Whitman is that he is attempting to "Embarrass" you LDJ into submission. That may have worked for some folks in his past but not in your case. I see no reason why 1/2 of his questions have any merit or bearing on the case as a whole and I hope the judge will throw all those questions out and irrelevant to the case at hand.

      Honestly I hope you are able to livestream the court case on wednesday. It will be the highest watch RPG live stream of all time.

  7. and Kickstarter has just replied to the lawsuit, asking for at least the part of the suit that is against them,(I'm not sure if they are asking for the whole thing to be thrown out) saying that the contract is just between the backers and Ken, and that they aren't a party to it.

  8. and Kickstarter has just replied to the lawsuit, asking for at least the part of the suit that is against them,(I'm not sure if they are asking for the whole thing to be thrown out) saying that the contract is just between the backers and Ken, and that they aren't a party to it. (per the ToS we apparently agree that they aren't liable for projects having issues)


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