Saturday, July 28, 2018

Wayward Kickstarter - Far West - Time to Punt - Yet Again - Anyone Surprised in the Least?

I was TRYING really hard to give Gareth the benefit of the doubt. I figured I'd give him some breathing room. I'd let him meet his latest deadline without any pressure or comments from me.

What does he do?

The same as always. Fails to meet said deadline and punts.

Oh, and the sympathy grab for NOT going to Gen Con. Who gives a fuck? Really? I say he hits seven years late with nothing to show for it. That's merely 6 more months. Gareth has been doing that for six and a half years without a sweat. This should be no different.


  1. Only two weeks, Erik. Then he'll show you. It's time to believe!!!! (Or not)

  2. Without having even read this, I"m going to bet either he's sick, or something died. Did I win?

    1. It does seem like launching a Kickstarter is the surest way to invite a pox on your house... at least for some people anyway.

  3. I really don't understand why anyone thinks this "Real soon now!" is any more likely to happen than the last 50+ times he said it.

  4. Well we're two weeks in to August. What do you think his next excuse will be?


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