Saturday, January 27, 2018

Kickstarter - TerrainCrafter 28mm Silicone Floor Terrain Molds - Make 100

With 3d printing all the rage these days it isn't surprising that terrain, both dungeon styled and outdoors, are becoming popular.

What if you want to "create" your own terrain but can't afford the expenditure involved in buying and maintaining a 3d printer (or maybe its simply space issues).

Well, Terrain Crafters 28mm Silicone Floor Terrain Molds might be an alternative for some.

Buy the mold and pour your own terrain - about 40 resins pours per mold and hundreds of plaster pours per mold.

Square and hex tile molds available.

Tempting - but then I have all these unpainted minis I'd have to paint too ;P

Still, for those that use terrain the price point becomes truly inexpensive if you decide to make dozens of pieces. Heck, there's even a license that allows you to commercially sell the pieces you make.

Terrain Crafter is part of Illusionist, the same fine folks that bring you the Tenkar's Tavern Crate, Mythoard and other monthly goodies.

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  1. Cool thing about Silicone is you can color them before you pour.


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