Monday, January 22, 2018

Kickstarter - Battle Star Trilogy: Trek Wars (Alpha Blue)

You've got to hand it to Venger - he knows how to market and he KNOWs how to source some amazing art. Now, not all of the art is appropriate for every gaming table but V doesn't hide that. Titillation is very much one of his schticks.

You also can't agrue with the success of Alpha Blue. Its a Copper Pick at RPGNow and has a very strong and loyal, if relatively small compared to Stars Without Number and White Star, following amongst the Sci-Fi OSR crowd. Folks that embrace the quirky humor and sexual innuendos (or more overtly sexual references) really enjoy the Alpha Blue line of releases.

Battle Star Trilogy: Trek Wars is the latest in the line of Alpha Blue Kickstarters.

So, what do you get?
Three separate scenarios for the Alpha Blue roleplaying game!  Here are the titles... I Wear My Heart on My Sleaze (you're attending a space party and looking to score), Emergency Escape Sequence Delta Cream (your ship runs into trouble and you've got to get the fuck out of there), and Outer Rim Jobs of Ta'andor (your crew of spacers are looking for employment and crazy shit happens along the way).
I'm sure you see the theme here ;)

Did I mention there is a map by +MonkeyBlood Design (Glynn Seal) ? PDF only, but wow, useable with any old school sci-fi system.

Here's is a more family friendly art sample:

As I said above, the art that Venger sources is simply top shelf awesome.

Now, the 3 adventures in PDF are 7 bucks. But if you get them with the Alpha Blue rules, its 10 bucks. The rules themselves at RPGNow are 10 bucks (there's a link above to the rules on RPGNow but don't use it to buy, just use it for reference - this is a much better deal if you are interested)


  1. I have a lot of respect for Venger. He makes what he wants and seems like he does the small-press thing well. My tastes don't line up with his material, but the fact that he caters to a wider range than just what suits my taste means more people than just me can find material that works for them. So I hope he keeps making more of his material and does well by it! (BTW Erik, I think you typoed "agree" for "argue" in your blog post)

    1. Fixed?!... 'agrue' is fixed? ;)

      Now to add at least some 'me too' substance to the conversation. Veneer's stuff is kinda geared towards a niche audience that I'm not really part of. That said, I enjoyed Liberation of the Demon Slayer enough to back The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence and pick up the PDF of Crimson Dragon Slayer. It's good to know there's enough variety in old school inspired productions that you can probably find something you're looking for.

    2. Yes, there's room for all kinds. I live scifi, fantasy, horror, exploitation, and comedy in equal measure. ;)

    3. Thanks! I've got somethings coming out soon that's probably closer to your vibe - Dead God Excavation.

  2. The Alpha Blue stuff is a little too... much for my tastes. However, my buddies and I are fans of his Crimson Dragon Slayer. I went out and bought Revelry in Torth too and I can't wait to run it. I intend to buy Liberation of the Demon Slayer.

    We love the movie Yor the hunter from the future. And Crimson Dragon Slayer definitely has that vibe to it. Its great cheesy fun, like a bag of Cheetos. Is it gourmet? No. Is it tasty and you can't eat just one? Yup.

    It helps that from what I have observed here at The Tavern, Venger is a class act, even if he likes to play in the Prurient Zone a bit. It makes me want to spend money on him.

    1. As I sit here wrangling 1 toddler and 2 babies, I appreciate the support! The Prurient Zone... hmmm. Indeed, Yor was an influence in Crimson Dragon Slayer.

  3. Two babies? Twins? AS the father of twins, I wish you the best. The best thing about twins is, among many is that unlike many singletons, twins get easier as they get older!

    Congratulations! And keep up the good work.

    1. Yep, Kanan and Kylo are 14 months old. ;) Thanks!


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