Thursday, January 18, 2018

Kickstarter - Dice Roll Dungeons — Instant Encounters for DND & Pathfinder

I'm on the fence about the Dice Roll Dungeons — Instant Encounters for DND & Pathfinder.

From what I gather, its fairly systemless, which makes it useful for OST systems too.

I'm just not quite sure what it is. A sample page would go far, but there isnt one.

Here's what it says it is:
Dice Roll Dungeons is a collection of 20 different encounter scenarios, designed to work with D&D, Pathfinder, or any other fantasy-based RPG! Dice Roll Dungeons turns the act of detailing your encounters into a game of dice; it provides a fun and easy framework for your encounters, so you can generate ideas instantly and pick and choose from all of your favourite results!

You start by gathering your favourite set of dice and rolling your trusty d20! The result of your twenty-sided dice roll will give you your DUNGEON SETTING, corresponding to what you rolled. From there, you flip to the chapter of the book that coincides with your result, and you will be given an overview of the location, lore about the dungeon itself, and other interesting sidenotes about potential hazards and inhabitants. After that, you can further customize the dungeon by rolling other dice on ADVENTURE HOOKS, the BOSS FIGHT of the dungeon, a variety of ENEMIES and DANGERS, and, of course, totally customized TREASURE! 
So, I know what it says but it doesn't really says what it is. Eh, maybe I'm overthinking it.

Buy in is 8 bucks American. I'll see where it goes. Print options are forthcoming. Its funded with nearly 500 backers. 


  1. I snagged an early bird. Even if it's shit, for $5 I'll take a chance.

  2. This may very well turn out to be a fantastic product. With that said, I find it amazing that such a basic description, from a publisher with (as far as I can tell) no record of products, can raise that much money that easily. Is the fairly cheap buy-in really that much of a draw? In all seriousness, good for them, and I hope it turns out well, but I'm amazed.

    1. Unfortunately, Pathfinder and (current) D&D still overshadow the OSR... by a lot.

  3. Early bird was $5 Canadian. I asked him how long it would be and he said 60+ pages. I figured I couldn't go wrong.


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