Saturday, January 20, 2018

Goodman Games 2018 Mystery Grab Bag - $25 and $50

2017 was the first holiday season in years where I didn't grab one of the mystery grab bags offered by the various OSR publishers. I pretty much hda what I needed. Or so I thought...

Then Goodman Games had to announce their 2018 Grab Bag. Damn it! I nearly escaped! heh

25 bucks gets you a 1" deep box of random goodness. 50 bucks gets you 3" deep - about 8 pounds. Cost is 9 bucks to ship the 50 pound box to New York. Don't ask how I know ;)

Product Description
Grab bags are back! Once every couple years we give fans the chance to get a giant box of Goodman goodness at a great price. The catch? We pick what goes in the box! 
This offer is only available to customers in the USA. Sorry international folks, but shipping this many pounds of books overseas is cost-prohibitive! 

This year we are offering two sizes, the 1” deep box and the huge 3” deep tab-lock boxes. The 1” box is $25 and the 3” box is $50. We will stuff the box full of books and send it your way. Each small grab bag holds approximately 2.5 pounds of books, and each large grab bag holds approximately 8 pounds of books. Which books will you get? We guarantee no duplicates in the box, and that all contents are in English. Otherwise, it can be anything from any of our product lines: Dungeon Crawl Classics, Age of Cthulhu, Xcrawl, Judges Guild, Metamorphosis Alpha, Fifth Edition Fantasy, systems neutral, maybe even older 3E or 4E titles. Only the gods themselves know for sure! 
There is a new grab bag feature this year: 
We may include a T-shirt as well! When you place your order, tell us your T-shirt size in the comments field. If the stars align, you may get a T-shirt in your size along with the rest of the grab bag contents.

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