Tuesday, January 16, 2018

#ConManKen - Kenny Takes the Show to Facebook Live - Hilarity Ensues followed by Threats of Indictment

Because I didn't have an easy way to replace him with a pile of shit
Ah, sweet #ConManKen. Never at a loss to make folks laugh. See, Kenny took to Facebook Live for a live sale yesterday and my, the laughs were flying. And yes Kenny, folks were laughing AT you.

Now, it WAS authentic Kenny as you will see from the following shots taken by one of The Taverners" of the scroll at the bottom of the feed:

Some folks went s far as commenting about Ken's Kickstarters that he's failed to deliver, failed to update - fuck it, he's basically a failure.

Then Kenny complained about the Trolls - he started deleting posts and blocking people:

This is the post that got James banned: "Will unsold product be available as a Stretch Goal reward in future Kickstarter projects?"

He also made the statement that those trolling were in violation of Kentucky Law for causing a loss of business and it was a Class D Felony. I couldnt find the relevant law.

The following does, however, seem potentially relevant:

KRS 517.120 Operating a sham or front company

Kenny, can you quote us the law you are threatening folks with in the above format? It may help.

Because folks want to know which law you are threatening them with via PMs:

Turn you over and pour you out...

Kenny, where's my FBI Agents? I've had tea and coffee cake ready for them for 15 months and they never came. What was the federal law that I was violating again?

#ConManKen , if he wasn't so full of shit, he wouldnt be Ken...


  1. Ken sold bibles at one time. This video makes me wonder how his cold sale's pitch went.

    1. Reminded me of this from the Onion:


    2. My guess is his sales pitch was "These are autographed by Jesus himself!"

      (And, obviously, Jesus' signature on the title page would be spelled 'Jeezus'.)

    3. "Buy a Bible or else you'll have the Devil to pay!" and "Let me show you the 'Romans 2:1 Principle' in action!" are great sales pitches.

    4. This bible comes with a sacred relic, the thighbone of the baby Jesus! Look, it even has a CoA!

    5. It's kind of a weird book. I dino what it's all about... Wheeee, God!

    6. If I had anything in my mouth I would've done a spit take reading this one :)

  2. In New Jersey, it is unlawful for businesses to threaten to sue someone and then not sue (within a timeframe). I wonder if the state of Kentucky has anything like that since there is a Kentucky business owner making lawsuit threats. It would be quite the sight to see countersuits based on the threats made.

  3. Saw a person on Facebook warning people about the store and that they lost their ability to use eBay, that’s probably why he does these live auctions.

  4. The locals in Somerset don't seem too impressed with him either.

  5. A typical grifter would have moved along long ago. Certainly there can't be that much money left to be milked out of RPG Kickstarters.

    1. He likely has nowhere else to run. If it were me, I'd be worried about who might be walking through my door with an axe to grind and a baseball bat to swing. After bilking people out of six figures worth of cash, coupled with at least attempting to sell items with phony CoAs, I'm pretty surprised that he isn't in hiding somewhere (like Marcus' basement). Seriously, people get hurt for far less.

      His constant flailing about, threatening people with felony charges for warning people of his scams is pathetic...like he himself.

      Me, I'm still waiting for the imaginary police to show up...it has been over a year now.

    2. If memory serves, at one point he started an acting class. That is the kind of thing I would expect. Take his three seconds on Walking Dead and try to parlay that into a year or two of bilking money out of actors hoping to make it. After that perhaps some pyramid scheme or move to another town.

      Milk one audience too long and you'll end up kneecapped or in jail.

  6. I don't know this guy but he is so full of shit.. What exactly does he think Yelp is?

    1. Good point.


  7. What a POS Ken is. Always has been, always will be.

  8. Come to think of it, it seems weird that Marcus hasn't sailed in with his whole "leave him alone, he saved my life so screw his victims" song and dance.

  9. This was posted on his Facebook page. Funny that a Scammer reported another Scammer to the police. Such an asshole. And what did he buy the store with, the Kickstarter backers money he scammed from all of them?

    Ken Whitman
    October 19, 2017 ·
    As many of you may know, I, Ken “Whit” Whitman, have been a background Actor on The Walking Dead for three episodes. I want to start out by saying it is an honor to have worked on the Walking Dead as an extra. I love to tell the stories of working on set when I am a guest at stores and events.

    Recently I bought a Comic Book shop in Somerset Ky called Little Monsters Games & Comics, LLC. We sale all kinds of nerd and geek things. Comic Book, Magic The Gathering Cards, D&D, Walking Dead, you name it.

    Several weeks ago I met a man named King Jones, from Russel Springs KY, who stated that he was the third largest collector of The Walking Dead merchandise in the world. This 67 year old man seemed very likable and proceeded to show me his collection that he brought to my store. He brought me multiple Walking Dead items, including, 4 Scripts signed by actors, a proto type Negan bat, origianl Funko pop drawings, A couple CGC Walking Dead CGC Graded Comics, and Michonne Boots, saying that the boots were all purchased buy collectors from charity auctions.

    It took us a few days to figure out they were fake, and I immediatly reported it to the Police. Thankfully NONE of the items given to me on consignment were sold. Mr. King was questioned by the police in my store and he was told to never try to sell these items again.

    However, due to how the law works, the fake items were given back to Mr. Jones, who I hope hopfuly destroyed said materials, or is looking for the people who sold him the items.

    I am very happy in my decision to work with the police about this unfortinate situation. I am not happy that the police did not take the items for any type of evidence and only gave Mr. Jones a warning but in the USA everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But that is the law folks. Deep down in my heart I hope that Mr. Jones is a victom also, but fell compelled to let people know of my story so this does not happen again.

    They say, If you dont get what you want to get experience. I now know what a real CGC comic slab looks like. I now know how to check letter of authentisties! And belive me, I am checking any third party materials that comes in my store.

    AMC Networks, & CGC Comic grading systems have been notified and are fully away of the situation. I can only hope that they contune to pursue these fakes and find the people who ruin fandom for the little guy.

    In conclusion, I am truly sorry for my unkowing envolvement in this situation, and appreceate all our local customers who have stuck beside me during this unfortinate situation.

    Take care! Ken “W

  10. I just started following along. I had no idea! This was revealing (though I bet most all here already know this): http://notanotherdime.blogspot.com

  11. You know the thing that really burns me is, If you are going to be a con artist, especially one in the digital age where we have things like grammarly...or hell even basic spell check on wordpad, why the heck would you not make use of them. It is almost like he wants folks to truly think he is a total imbecile that way they think his offers are "them getting one over on him". I almost have to take that thought process to it, because the alternative is, he really is that frigging dumb which makes me feel true sorrow for any merchant or vendor that has ever worked with him. Just to make sure I went back and looked at some of my kids stuff when they were 7 and 8 years old. Sure enough I found a much more impressive vernacular and even less spelling errors. I am just left speechless. How the hell did he ever dupe anyone. I know the Kenzer guys are all very bright and intelligent, which makes me think this act of idiocy on his part or "low brow intellect" is yet another sham he is portraying for some nefarious means that have yet to be revealed. Who knows.


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