Saturday, December 9, 2017

Kickstarter - Chain Breaker – RPG Dice

I like dice. I mean, I REALLY like dice. I have more dice then I could ever use in a lifetime and I'm still buying more. Dice with gimmicks are fun too. Chain Breaker RPG Dice? Definitely a gimmick. Personally, not sure how well it works.

Sure, the above looks kinda cool but has no place in a game.

So, how do you read them?

You don't count the chains but the spaces formed by the chains (or lack thereof)
To use the dice, the value for each side is how many parts that side is split into by the chain. In other words, count the empty spaces created by the chain – not the chain itself. 
The patterns of the chain on each side have been carefully chosen to make each an easily recognisable symbol so there is no need to count each time – just like the sides of normal dice. 
The blank side, with no chain through it, is worth one. Each of the eight different Chain Breaker colors feature their own unique artwork on the otherwise blank 'one' side.
Counting pips? Sure. Counting empty spaces that differ in size? Not so sure.

Six days left in its funding period. About 58% of the way to 20k.

Yeah, I dont see this happening either. Probably for the best...


  1. I'd rather see a D20 offering with a shamrock for a 1 and a blood splat or death head for a 20. It would be great to have the little reminder for halflings with their luck.

  2. Hmm I kind of like them. Not for a kickstater. If I passed the Chessex table and saw these on there I would grab them and then wonder how the hell to read them.


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