Tuesday, December 5, 2017

TSR Tuesday - Star Frontiers: (SF1) Volturnus, Planet of Mystery (and SF2 and Character Sheets)

So, WotC has now released some classic adventures for the Star Frontiers RPG in PDF format (I had overlooked this as it actually released last week - thankfully I got pinged by a Taverner via email)

What just released?

Star Frontiers: (SF1) Volturnus, Planet of Mystery (I had no idea Tom Moldvay was involved with SF until now) - 4.99

Star Frontiers: (SF2) Starspawn of Volturnus - 4.99

Star Frontiers: (SF AC-1) Official Character Record Sheets - Free

You can snag the remastered rules for free at http://www.starfrontiersman.com/remastered.php

Sorry for the late and lonely post today - it was a busy day ;)

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  1. While it's cool those two modules can be purchased, they are also available for free on the Star Frontiersman web site: http://www.starfrontiersman.com/modules.php

    The official character sheets aren't available there, but some character sheets are listed on their "other" page as well: http://www.starfrontiersman.com/other.php

  2. In addition to the remastered versions on starfrontiersman.com (which I run), there are scans of the originals on http://starfrontiers.com. Both sites have permission from WotC to host those versions for free until such time as they tell us to take them down. So far we have not heard anything from them related to taking the scans down. So don't feel bad grabbing them there.

    When the PDFs were released on DriveThruRPG, I purchased one of the modules to compare them to the older scans. I posted my thoughts as a series of tweets on Twitter but was asked about it on Facebook as well (in the Star Frontiers group there) and so I've compiled my thoughts into a short blog post that you can read if interested (http://www.arcanegamelore.com/wotc-releasing-star-frontiers-pdfs-on-drivethrurpg/).

    My personal opinion is that this is part of a response by WotC to Evil Hat Productions applying for the Star Frontiers trademark.

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  4. I remember sitting on my bed for hours as a kid just staring at the artwork on the Star Frontiers box set and character sheet set and dreaming of adventures. Good times.

  5. They released the Knight Hawks (spaceship) rules today. Not sure why the original character rules (Alpha Dawn) didn't come first. I grabbed a copy and was a bit disappointed. Will do a full review this weekend.

  6. Nice! Now if they would release some 1e & 2e Gamma World....


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