Wednesday, December 6, 2017

HUGE 5e Humble Bundle from Frog God Games / Kobold Press!

When a single buck can get you so much, does game system even matter? I find myself asking this question today, as the Frog God / Kobold Press 5e Humble Bundle offers so much for 5e for so little, its a no brainer to convert some of this to Old School Gaming. Heck, a buck for a 30% off coupon ain't bad either.

Besides, sourcebooks are effectively systemless anyway. Its the words that matter, not the numbers. And adventure ideas are easy enough to convert on the fly.

Do I see maps of the Lost Lands in there at 17 bucks? Why yes I do!

I have a lot of this stuff for S&W but I don't have most of it. Looks like I will now :)

This went up 3 hours ago. Lets look at the figures:

Holy shit!


  1. One of the best bundle deals I've seen. plugged for 17$ without hesitation.

  2. It's worth noting that you also get the books in the Frog God and Kobold Press stores as well, via a special bundle and coupon. The total retail value was listed at about $350, combined.


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