Monday, December 4, 2017

Troll Lord Games "Advent Calendar Sale" with Bonus Flash Sale to 8 PM Eastern Tonight!

First, the flash sale, which was posted earlier today on The Tavern's Discord Channel by one of the Taverners:
Castles and Crusades is really cheap today if anyone is interested. 
Looks like you can get a Player's Handbook, Monsters & Treasures, Castle Keeper's Guide, CK Screen, Lion in the Ropes Adventure Modules, Character Reference Sheets and Arms & Armor for about $58 plus shipping. 
Valid until 8pm EST, code FLASH50NOW and it's applicable on the bundles.
The Troll Lord Games Advent Calendar Sale reveals a new sale every day for the month of December until Christmas. Prior day's sales do NOT appear to expire.

Merry Christmas :)

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